Installing the Nicosil® System

Installed by us or by you

Installing your Nicosil® System

With the innovative Nicosil® System, you can completely cover your silo quickly and easily. It is a simple, sophisticated construction, demonstrated by the fact that you can even install the system without any assistance. Loose, soiled mesh covers on or around the silo are now a thing of the past. The Nicosil® System can therefore be summarised in three advantages: it is efficient, practical and sustainable. Discover the benefits below.

Having the Nicosil® System installed by us

Would you like us to take the work off your hands? Have your Nicosil® System professionally installed by us. One of Brokers Kunststoffen’s VCA-certified, experienced technicians will come to your premises to install the system. Good to know: all of our technicians are trained to install the Nicosil® System. This ensures an optimal end result. If you would like us to perform the installation and you are curious about the investment, please contact us. If you assist our technician during the installation, you will receive a discount on your investment.

Installing the Nicosil® System yourself

The correct measurement and installation of your Nicosil® system is a job you can do yourself. The system is then delivered to you in standard packages, including the accompanying assembly materials. For correct installation, follow the instructions in our extensive assembly instructions. Please note: these instructions assume that you have the necessary technical skills and that you are able to use the tools mentioned correctly. If you prefer to have the system installed by us, please contact us.

Download the Nicosil® System manual

Are you wondering whether you can install the Nicosil® System yourself or whether you should call in our professional help? Enter your details below, download the installation manual (PDF) and find out.