What customers say about the Nicosil® System

Customers who've chosen the Nicosil® System

Of course, we can tell you everything about the Nicosil® System, but the experiences of our satisfied customers speak volumes. Below you will find several customer stories. Be inspired!

Jan-Willem Blokland
Mts. Blokland-Dasselaar
Albergen, Netherlands

“Good decision by previous owner!”

When we purchased this dairy farm a few years ago, all the silage (both grass silage and maize silage) was already equipped with the Nicosil System®. At first we were somewhat sceptical, as we were used to working with loose silage tarps and car tyres. Once we experienced how much quicker and easier the work was, we were soon convinced (now the whole family is even willing to help with closing the silage). There are no more stray tarps and dirty, heavy car tyres around the pits. This contributes to our vision of a tidy and clean farm.

What we also find very positive is the operational reliability that the system offers; failures do not occur because no water and/or electricity are used. Maintenance is simple and minimal. Finally, there is little risk of damage. And if it should happen – as it did to us – that a bale rolls against the system and damages a tube, you only have to dismantle one element and replace the tube. If we expand further in the future, there will certainly be a Nicosil System® again.

Business: Dairy farm . 4 silos: 3 x 8 x 50 m. and 1x10x50 m. Contents maize and grass

Herbert van Lenthe
H.J. van Lenthe eo S.S. Arauz
Daarle, Netherlands

“Aligns with the vision of an organic dairy farm”

Each year, we receive many consumers on our farm to introduce them to organic dairy farming. To create trust and propagate a positive sector image, order and tidiness are a must. This was certainly not the case with our old bunkers. We covered the bunker with sand and bunker sheets only. This was a heavy and time-consuming job again and again, with all the inconveniences that entailed; mess, vermin, sand, weeds, etc. When we began building new trench silos in 2020, we thought it was time to modernise and improve. In our search for the ideal solution, we found the Nicosil System® on the internet.

The apparent ease of use appealed to us. The fact that considerably fewer pesticides were needed with this system, moreover, made us decide to put it to the test. When we visited a system on location, we indeed found a neat and clean bunker and environment. The system was indeed easy to use, the construction solid and simple. No complex components, not sensitive to failures. Now that we are working with the Nicosil System® ourselves.

Company: Organic dairy farm. 3 silos: 8 x 25 m. Contents: 2x maize - 1x grass

Stefan Wassink
Loonbedrijf Wassink
Breklenkamp, Netherlands

“Custom solution for our XL maize silo"

Previously, we hired silo space from third parties and made trenches with sand covers. When we then purchased our own silage silo, the covering proved to be a problem. With silo walls of 2.60 m and a silage height of over 6 m, which varies every year, the lugging of large, heavy silage sheets is virtually impossible. A sand cover is not practical either. During our search for a solution, we came into contact with Brokers, who at the time had just introduced the Nicosil System®at the time. Coincidentally, they were looking for a test location to install the system. The rest is history.
Since then, we have been able to cover the entire silage, irrespective of its height, in a single operation, with one person on and one person next to the silage. The re-tensioning of the silage (for the initial collapse) and also the removal of the elements can be done from the ground by one person. The system provides physical and material advantages, and is, therefore, in our opinion, the ideal ergonomic and cost-effective solution. Due to the close cooperation between Brokers and us, the system has been further developed and perfected; we are now in possession of a solid system that has proven itself in practice for several years.

Company: Contractor and maize dealer. Silo: 20 x 65 m. Content: maize

Richard van Doorn
Manager GIJS Mekkerhof B.V.
Holten, Netherlands

“We are now meeting the legal requirements for solid manure coverings”

Our company is an innovation centre for goat farming. We were looking for a good silage cover for storing solid goat manure. During an extensive orientation – at an agricultural fair – we were introduced to the Nicosil System®.

We were immediately delighted by the simplicity and ease of use of this system. In our situation – covering with loose silage tarps – we ran into several problems. For example, a great deal of water remained in the silo along the silo walls. Weeds were growing through the tarps that were placed over the manure. Removing the tarps was always a physically demanding, messy and time-consuming task, which also regularly resulted in damage to the tarps.

Our manure storage was far from organised and tidy. To change this and also to meet the legal requirements for solid manure storage, we decided to use the Nicosil System® . This proved to be an excellent investment; the silo can be closed by 1 or at most 2 people, and the silo can be opened to the appropriate size for spreading. The area around the manure storage is also always neat and tidy. The system provides the perfect solution to our challenges

Company: Innovation centre for goat farming. Silo: 8 x 25m. Content: solid goat manure

Chiel Kamphuis
Mts. Kamphuis
Geesteren, Netherlands

“Contribution to realising Planet Proof milk project”

A leaflet in a trade magazine introduced us to the Nicosil System® . We had the impression that this system could meet our needs. Previously, we always worked with sand covers and a drawbar behind the tractor. However, we wanted a cover system that was less labour-intensive and ensured more order and tidiness around the silage. A system, moreover, that would contribute to reducing pesticides around the silage and increase sustainability. These objectives are a component of the Planet Proof milk project in which we are participating. The Nicosilsystem® meets our expectations and the work is light and straightforward. We are finished relatively quickly and everything around the silage is tidier and more organised.
We have not experienced any disadvantages. For those, like us, with relatively low silo walls (150cm), and who do the assembly themselves, we recommend not placing the tensioning brackets too high under the silo wall. This can result in too little space between the tensioning rackets and the ratchets. By placing the tensioning bracket a little higher at the start, this can easily be prevented. Furthermore, we would like to point out that up to now we have not experienced any heat generation in the silage. By packing firmly, aiming for a nice curve in the silage, using under-, side- and agricultural foil and in addition the use of a heating inhibitor, we have always succeeded in this together with the Nicosil System®

Farm: Dairy farm . Silo: 8 x 56 m. Contents: maize.

Arjan Back
V.O.F. Back
Hertme, Netherlands

“Simple, tight and secure”

We have a high pit that is 140 metres long, and we always used large silage sheets. We covered these with a layer of sand. Laying and removing these large sheets was always a heavy and labour-intensive job, which also required the use of a shovel. An additional disadvantage of using these – large – silage sheets was that when a feed alley was opened, a relatively large piece of film was exposed, which in turn increased the risk of heat generation.  After an extensive discussion and advice from the representative of Brokers Kunststoffen, we made a very well-considered purchase of the Nicosil System®.  And the only thing we regret is that we did not do it sooner. We can now work more efficiently; sealing is easy and fast.
We can work more accurately; opening only one compartment instead of removing or unhooking a whole sheet. The rest of the pit remains tightly sealed. Shovels and sand have also become superfluous, which also saves costs. Finally, we find it a great advantage that the system always fits, irrespective of height and/or content of the silage.

Company: Calf dairy. Silo: 14 x 140 m. Contents: maize.