How the Nicosil® System works

Easy to install, easy to use

Covering your silo with the Nicosil System

The Nicosil System is easy to install. Mesh strips are stretched widthways over the silo, covering it completely. The standard mesh length of 22 metres is more than sufficient for the majority of silos, and the mesh size can be adjusted to the silo volume. If the silo is not yet fully filled, the mesh in the silo can be placed directly on the product to protect it. And when the content of the silo reduces after sealing, you can very easily tighten a tensioning ratchet from the ground. The mesh is then re-tensioned and applies pressure.

Covering with the Nicosil System in practice

Opening your silo with the Nicosil® System

Opening the silo is also exceptionally simple with the Nicosil System. After unlocking the ratchets, you can roll the gauze around a tube starting from the ground. This also provides a sound storage place for the gauze that is not in use. You can open the silo section by section, per strip of 2.40 metres. The strips overlap each slightly (approx. 45 centimetres) so that a free strip of approx. two metres is created.

Nicosil mesh sheets

During the production of the original Nicosil mesh sheets, the edges are provided with an extremely strong selvedge, which prevents fraying.

Wall brackets

The wall brackets are very solidly constructed and are located on the outside of the silo, so that there are no obstacles in the silo.

Tensioning ratchets

With the heavy-duty stainless steel tensioning ratchets, the mesh is stretched quickly and very tightly over the silo, applying pressure to the contents.

Air and watertight

With the Nicosil System, you can simply and effectively create an air-tight and water-tight seal over your silo.