“Good decision by previous owner!”

We purchased an existing farm, where all the bunkers were equipped with a Nicosil® System. Our initial scepticism has been replaced by enthusiasm. If we expand further, we will certainly apply another Nicosil® System again. – Jan-Willem Blokland, Albergen, Netherlands

“Contribution to realising Planet Proof milk project”

Nicosil® System contributes to the achievement of our goals. Less labour, less use of pesticides, less risk of heat generation in the bunker. Increased sustainability. We are therefore very pleased to have chosen this system. – Chiel Kamphuis, Geesteren, Netherlands

“Custom solution for our XL maize bunker”

In the initial phase of the Nicosil® System, our large maize bunker served as a test location. After several years of intensive cooperation, further development and perfection, our verdict is: the system is practical, low-maintenance and cost-effective. – Stefan Wassink, Breklenkamp, Netherlands

“Aligns perfectly with the vision of an organic dairy farm”

Order and cleanliness are key components of our vision. The Nicosil® System compliments that. We now work with a bunker that is clean and tidy. The system is user-friendly, robust and inventive. An excellent contribution to the image of organic farming! – Herbert van Lenthe, Daarle, Netherlands

“Simple, tight and reliable”

We use to cover our 140 m bunker with large silo nets and a thin layer of sand. When we removed the silo nets, exposing a large area meant that there was a real risk of heat generation. Now, only one section has to be opened – the rest remains tightly sealed – and the risk of heat generation is reduced to a minimum.  – Arjan Back, Hertme, Netherlands