The Silo covering system

Nicosil® System; the complete solution for covering
trench silos with grass, maize or manure

Covering silos quickly, easily and completely

With the Nicosil® System silo cover system, you can optimally cover your silo, regardless of the content; grass, maize, manure.  Loose or soiled nets on or around the silo are things of the past, as are sand, car tyres and other silo covers. Working with this new system means creating a neat, clean and safe working environment. Our trench silo rolling system can therefore be summarized in three advantages: efficient, practical and sustainable.

Your advantages with the Nicosil® System


The Nicosil® System is very easy to use with minimal physical effort which saves you a lot of valuable time.


With the Nicosil® System, you create a clean (working) environment around your silo. Sand, car tyres or other silo covers are a thing of the past.


The original Nicosil® mesh covers combined with exceptionally robustly designed components guarantee a long service life.

Where you can apply the Nicosil® System

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